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Why you should consider Dental Implants

Why you should consider Dental Implants

Are you unhappy with your smile? There's no reason to be. See why dental implants might be the solution for you.

What would you do to get a beautiful set of pearly whites? If you’re like the three million people who get implants each year, your answer is anything.
If you have broken or missing teeth, then there’s hope for you yet. Each year, the number of people getting dental implants grows by 500,000. Why? Because it’s an affordable way to correct dental issues.
Let’s review some of the top reasons why you should consider getting dental implants.

No Messy Creams and Gels

Sixty-nine percent of Americans between 35 and 44 are missing at least one tooth. And a quarter of those 74 and older have all their teeth missing. If you’re in this boat, then dentures are on the table as an option.
The issue with dentures is they can be messy to deal with because of the creams and gels. With implants, this problem is eliminated.

No Problems with Friction

Another problem with dentures is the friction caused when they’re not firmly attached. They rub against your gums while eating and talking. Over time, this can lead to ulcers and patches forming on your gums.
This isn’t so with implants, which are fused to your jawbone rather than your gums.

Dental Implants Aren’t Anchored to Your Teeth

Fixed bridges are another option for patients who want to correct their teeth. Since they’re affixed to your teeth, it can lead to buildup of plaque. Implants aren’t fused to your teeth, but your jawbone instead.

No Need to Alter Teeth

When you opt to have dental bridges inserted, your teeth are filed down to nubs in order to accommodate them. If one tooth was an issue, three teeth end up being filed down to fit the entire bridge.
Dental implants don’t require your teeth to be changed in any way.

No Embarrassing Moments

You’ve seen it happen in movies (and maybe in real life). A person’s dentures slip loose as their eating or talking. Implants are connected to your jaw and feel like natural teeth. No slippage here.
Then there’s the clicking sound that can occur while eating and speaking. This happens when there’s not enough room in your mouth for the dentures.

Eat Whatever You Want

Dentures come with a list of foods you have to avoid. Not with implants. You can bite into an apple, chew gum and consume any other foods you typically enjoy.
You Can Brush Your Teeth
No need to soak your teeth in a cup on the nightstand. You can continue brushing your teeth as you normally would. You just have to thoroughly clean your teeth daily to keep them in good condition.

Reduced Chance of Developing Halitosis

Halitosis is the scientific term for bad breath. And it’s very common for folks who wear dentures. This is caused when the gums and dentures aren’t properly cleaned.
As long as you’re brushing and flossing, your implants and breath should be in good shape.

Improve Your Teeth Today

If you’re considering getting dental implants, you should consult with our Seattle Dentist Downtown. We are a general dentistry office that provides a number of services, including Zoom Teeth Whitening. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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