Sunday, May 21, 2017

5 Reasons You Need to Schedule a Dental Check-Up

5 Reasons You Need to Schedule a Dental Check-Up

Having your teeth cleaned regularly has a lot of benefits. We're giving you 5 reasons to schedule your dental check-up now.

Life can sometimes get in the way of our plans.
Yet, one thing we should never miss is a dental exam.
It's important to book an appointment every six months to preserve your smile and care for your teeth.
Here are five reasons why you need to schedule a dental check-up.

1. Tooth Decay
Billions of people across the world are suffering from untreated dental problems.
Tooth decay is one of the most prevalent diseases people experience.
The issue can occur when plaque combines with starches and sugars to produce an acid.
This acid attacks tooth enamel, which can lead to the loss of a tooth.
The best way to prevent tooth decay is by brushing your teeth and flossing twice per day.
It's also essential to attend regular checkups. A dentist can prevent a tooth extraction caused by decay.
2. Oral Cancer
Did you know that 132 individuals receive a mouth cancer diagnosis every day?
Tragically, one person per hour will die of oral cancer every day.
The good news is, oral cancers have a survival rate of between 80-90%. Yet, most mouth cancers are found as late-stage cancers, which can reduce the survival rate.
The disease is often curable if diagnosed in the early stages. That's why it's important to regularly attend a dental exam.
It could save your life.
3. Save Money
You might not like the thought of paying for a dental exam, but it could save you a considerable amount of money.
By staying on top of your oral hygiene, you can prevent the development of serious dental issues.
Dental cleanings and exams can prevent costly tooth extractions, dental implants or root canals.
If you want to care for your teeth and save money, book a dental appointment today.
4. Your Dream Smile
Everyone can achieve the perfect smile.
If you're unhappy with your teeth, a dentist can review your smile in a dental check-up to identify the next steps.
There are many technologies and developments to help you achieve straight, white teeth.
A dentist may recommend teeth whitening, orthodontics, veneers and more.
5. Avoid a Toothache with a Dental Check-Up
Nothing is more annoying (and painful) than a toothache.
This troublesome throb can affect your whole body and mood.
To avoid a toothache or a dental emergency, schedule routine dental exams.
It can prevent emergencies from happening in the first place. What's more, your dentist will be more familiar with your dental history.
Don't ignore your oral health until it's too late to book a dental check-up, because you might regret it.
Different people will experience different dental issues.
The best way to prevent any problems is by scheduling regular dental appointments.
A dentist can provide oral hygiene advice to help you maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. What's more, they can stop any issues in their tracks, which can improve your dental and general health.
Do you want to book a dental check-up with a trusted practice? Visit our website today.

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